NaBloPoMo15: That One Job!

When you were younger, what did you think was the coolest job in the world?

Gosh, pick an age range because I must have thought three or four jobs was the coolest job in the world before I settled on a career in film or computers or much recently history.

Attitude aside, I really did go through four or five “I wanna be *fill in the blank* when I grow up!”

The first job I thought was the coolest was the people who worked with the dolphins at Sea Life Park. For those of you who weren’t born and raised in Hawaii or those who never visited Hawaii, Sea Life Park is like a mini Sea World–a very mini Sea World. Our elementary school class visited the park on a field trip and I thought working with dolphins and other marine life was so cool. My seven-year old self just had to do more research on how to work at Sea Life Park so I did what every seven-year old researcher would do, asked my parents. They suggested the career of Marine Biologist because that’s what they call people who study sea creatures and sea life. I thought this was the coolest thing until I realized that sharks live in the ocean. Then it became semi-cool. And when I found out that Marine Biologist were actually scientists, when I was about eleven or twelve, I parted ways because science and math are the two subjects I just do not work well with.

Between my love for the ocean and the realization that I’ll admire it from afar and not as a career, other cool jobs crossed my mind. Some of the other jobs I thought were the coolest:

  • Astrologist – because I’m a night owl and love the night sky and I thought the ability to name all the constellations or lunar phases was so cool.
  • Storm Chaser, later understanding that it is probably more realistic to be a meteorologist – because Twister! I mean, that movie made reading the weather so cool.
  • Coder, later understanding that it is known as a Cryptographer – because hidden messages was so cool. I mean, imagine you being the only one to decipher a hidden message? So. Cool.

You realize how all that is a lot of math and science? Yep. When I realized that I had no rhythm or rhyme for numbers or calculations or any of those things to actually do math and science, I made peace with it. You grow up. You learn your strengths and weaknesses. My strengthens were in writing and reading and social studies. And while those cool jobs may have room for someone who’s brain is more reading and writing, I found other cool jobs that are more my speed. Jobs like an Information Professional, Historian, Research Consultant. And even though they’re not as dramatic or exciting as driving into a tornado, they have their merits and believe it or not? They sound really cool to me πŸ™‚ .


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