Excuses, Excuses: Back on my feet?

Whoever said things happen in threes might be on to something. In my last “Excuses” post (here), my wifi went down. It’s not completely up, but I admit, I’ve been able to work on my homework and watch a couple of movies and my TV shows. I’m looking into a range extended or a new router in hopes to remedy this. Regrettably, money does not grow on trees and finding the end of a rainbow is so darned hard so fitting it into my budget is going to take a little while.

Since then, I went through my great grandfather’s funeral. He was one hundred and two.

Did you say 102?

I did say one hundred and two.

That is not a typo, which is why I actually typed it out so you would take me seriously.

While his death wasn’t unexpected, there was a lot my family had to manage. Emotions are sneaky little time-suckers. My brother and I read through his eulogy, each taking turns, and it was a nice speaking collaboration written by my grandmother, who is my great grandfather’s daughter. So there as pre-funeral preparations and then the funeral and of course there was an after party! And I say that with no disrespect. My family is huge and you can’t have something like this without having an after party after the parties. It was a nice get together at the beach. We had some laughs, updated our genealogy, and–you’ll never believe this, but–we started to plan our family reunion.

Turns others in the Fu family requested that our family plan the reunion since we have the largest. It’s a reasonable request and, well, my family loves to plan so … the day after the funeral, after some good food and catch up, we sat down to nail down a date, a location, and a general itinerary for our family reunion.

As you can imagine, this put me behind in school work. I’ve rushed to catch up when I had the chance. We’re talking juggling the time between family, work, and then family, and then between pesky wifi downtimes. And as challenging as it was, it was kind fun to try to catch up.

Luckily I had some vacation time. In fact, I’m on leave now, but more on that in another post. After all, this is my excuse list so … yeah.

Which brings me to challenge number three.

Getting sick.

On your vacation?!

I know, right?! Can you believe that? Day three on my vacation I wake up with this itch in my throat, which turned into a sore throat by the afternoon, which lead into a headache. By the next morning (yesterday), I had a small cough, a runny nose, and the immense desire to just stay in bed and binge watch Suits. I did take some ibuprofen and drank tons of water. I feel better now, but really, I was down for the count yesterday. It was miserable. And I’m on vacation!


So here I am. Back on my feet? Ready to roll? I’m not sure, but I’m crossing my fingers for a better month ahead, especially since November is National Writer’s Month, or NaWriMo which has a sub-category of NaBloMo for National Bloggers Month.

So … *crossing my fingers* in getting back on my feet.


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