Excuses, Excuses: One quick trip turned into a not so quick trip

Huge sigh.

Have you ever had one of those moments when you think to yourself, “Ah, this will be quick.”

Or …

“I’ll just run into the store; in and out. No problem.”

Or …

“It really shouldn’t take me that long to do this.”

And then, two hours later, you’re driving home, eyeing the clock radio, biting your lip, wondering “what the heck?”

Yep. That was me tonight.

The night started off fair enough. I mean, I have a study schedule, you know? I know when I’m suppose to do what and the amount of time it will take to do it.

But then I needed a quick break. My family needed groceries, there was small errands that needed to be run, and well, “it should only be quick.”

But then we decided to eat out for dinner because we haven’t done that in a while.

And then dinner took forever! I mean, it really did. No exaggeration. We waited for 50 minutes for our food to arrive. And you know how, when you’re just sitting there, and you’re thinking about how long they’re taking, and how maybe you should get up and leave, but then you don’t want to start walking to the door and just happens at that moment your waiter is walking to your table with your plates?

Well, that.

And that I was hungry.

And that I really wanted to eat that bowl of soup.

And that it is really yummy soup.

Hey! Focus *snaps fingers*.

All right, all right! Sorry, I have one foot in Dreamland.

So, 50 minutes later we finally get our food.

And 20 minutes later we’re cruising through the islands of a newly opened Safeway.

This brand spanking new Safeway opened on Friday. And by brand spanking new, I mean, brand spanking new. As in newly built building and all.

So, it was really nice walking around the grocery isles spending money we barely have because, well, we have to eat right?

And that’s how, three hours later, on the drive home, I’m staring at the radio clock cringing at how much time I lost for homework and shifting gears to see if I can rearrange the study schedule for the rest of the week.

And good news!

I’m a bit ahead of the game thanks to some prep work I did a couple of weeks ago.


I didn’t do as much as I wanted and I still have to start on the new chapter so I can stay ahead of the game, but this is why I have a study schedule.

So, excuses, excuses. One quick trip turned out to be not so quick and this is how you’re getting this long random post instead of a TV review today.

And with that, I’m off to Dreamland. I will, hopefully *crosses fingers*, catch up with my postings this weekend.

Until then …



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