Random 411: Midnight at McDonalds

This is why I should always, always, have my CAN (Catch-it All Notebook) with me wherever I go. As a writer, albeit not a professional writer, I should know better. I really should.

I’m sitting in the parking lot of McDonalds, picking up a friend from work. It’s midnight and before leaving home I thought “I’m only going there and coming home.” It is because of this thought I only grabbed my phone, wallet, and keys.

“That’s all I need,” I thought to myself.

“If I get bored, there’s Facebook …”

“Oh, and email …”

“and if I have to wait long I have my Kindle app.”

So of course, I’m tapping through Facebook and get bored.

So of course, I sift through email and get bored.

So of course, I browse my bookshelf and newsstand in Kindle app and, even though I have plenty of material to read, I put my phone to sleep 

… and wish I brought my CAN to journal my thoughts.

With ten minutes, and counting, of waiting, a few ideas for blog posts pop into my head. Something I need to be sure I take to work tomorrow pops into my head. A new thesis for my second research paper pops into my head.
Along with the frustrating thought that next I’m bringing my CAN my pops into my head.

As a writer I should know better.

Which is why, even though I could be doing all those other things, I’m sitting in the McDonalds parking lot at midnight writing a blog post about writing.


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