Random 411: Organizing life

How do you adjust your schedule to ensure you are living a balanced life?

What do you donwhen it seems like everything is clamp ring for your attention, grabbing you in all directions?

Do you ignore some areas?

Do you hide?

[Insert profound ramblings here] because I’m the one asking πŸ™‚ .

I’ve always had the challenge of juggling a full time job, a part education, a family, and my personal wants but lately it seems like everything in life just said “I need you now” and everything wants to be number one on the list. When I step outside my brain to gain an outside perspective, I’m laughing. Yep, mini-me in my brain is laughing at all the things clamp ring away up there.

Growing up, I was taught “you have to get your priorities in order” so on that note, let’s see if I can’t figure out a way to calm my mind and get it back on track.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week’s boils down to 168 hours.

So, let’s budget!

Work is a necessity to survive (which irritates me because one day I want to work to kill time and have fun and not because I need to feed myself *rolls eyes*. One day) so I’ll skip that since it’s not like I can cross that off my list.

Work: 20 hours/wk

Then there’s school. According to our student manual, I should be scheduling 15-18 hours per week for studying.

School: 18 hours/wk

Oh! We need to account for sleep.

Sleep: 36 hours/wk

Then there’s commute time.

Commute: 3 hours & 45 min/wk

That leaves 90 hours & 15 min to budget everything else.

It’s going to be interesting what I come up with after processing this information. It sure puts my world into perspective.


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