Movie 411: Jurassic World

Directed by: Colin Trevorrow 
Screenplay by: Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver, Colin Trevorrow, & Derrick Connolly
Rated: PG-13
Released: June 12, 2015
The Hook: Because Jurassic Park came out over twenty years ago and it was awesome.

Plot Summary: Two brothers visit their aunt who is a top-level employee of Jurassic Park. The aunt is busy doing her thing. She’s running her park, especially overseeing their latest experiment which is a genetic making of a new species of dinosaur. This new dinosaur breaks loose and wrecks havoc on the park. There are deaths and chase scenes, and if I’m being honest, seems almost like a reboot of the first one, but not. Does that make sense?

Anyway, as I mentioned, it seems almost like a reboot, but not one because there are a lot of new elements that are “refreshed” old elements. It just feels like history repeats itself, except with a new, bigger and badder dinosaur. I have to admit, even though a lot of things are similar to the original movie, it was still pretty cool to watch. I was excited throughout the whole movie. I mean, what kid wasn’t fascinated by at least one dinosaur growing up? Plus, they touch on genetics. They skim over the pros and cons of experimenting. I understand that some of the terminology or ideas may be completely fabricated (it’s fiction, after all, and not a scientific documentary) and way off base, but the underlying principle (should we be messing around with genetic mutations?) is still there. You still discuss the ethics behind this kind of science and I think that’s what fascinates me the most. The directors of the park wanted a bigger and better monster, but at what costs? And how much is too much. If you are thinking it’s a totally new take on an old tale, you may be disappointed. It’s more like an old tale “refreshed” for a newer generation of dinosaur-loving geeks.

I admit. I have to watch it again to get a better feel of the graphics. Overall, I love the cinematography. It had a good action flick feel to it which is one of my favorite kinds of feeling. The filters did seem a little dark, but I think this can go into the “need-to-watch-again-to-be-sure” category as well.

The acting … let me just say while it wasn’t bad, it wasn’t spectacular either. I did enjoy Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard separately, but together–#spoileralert–it just felt like they didn’t have the right chemistry that supposedly gets them together at the end. I’m sorry, I didn’t feel it. It was kind of like Anakin Skywalker and Princes Leia. I mean, you know they’re love interests and you can accept that they’ll eventually get together, but you can’t quite process the why or how. You just accept it. But, like I said, I enjoyed their respective roles. I did like the sibling bond between Ty Simkins and Nick Robinson. That’s how brothers are supposed to act. If I had to grade the overall acting, it would be a B.

I was excited for this movie. I’m happy I got a chance to watch it, but it’s one of those movies where you just have to watch it again, just to be sure of how you actually feel towards it. Until I do, this one sits on the border. I’d probably add it to my movie collection because the entire Jurassic Park franchise is a classic and a must-have if you’re a movie buff. On the other hand, if I was new to the franchise, I’d probably hold off buying thing this immediately. As of now, it’d be in the rental or Netflix category and not necessarily a must-add to my personal collection.

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