Random 411: Rally back Wednesdays!

It seems that when I choose to make a comeback, it tends to fall on a Wednesday. I think this is because Wednesdays are usually my “Wise Words” days and it’s easy to get in by posting a quote and my thoughts on it versus writing a review.

So, in addition to Wise Words, perhaps it’s ideal to go with a Rally Back Wednesdays! theme, since it’s already in process.

As I mentioned in Random 411: Life and stuff on June 17th (ugh! I can’t believe it’s been that long), my brain has been in a funk. And if that isn’t enough several activities have cropped up, in addition to school and work, that have occupied my time. I’ve got involved with some community stuff because our county has decided to update its General Plan and I wanted in. I still don’t think it’s a good excuse to not post, but there you have it.

I also think some of it has to do with a drop in viewers, since I moved to self-hosting. There was something exciting about seeing a rise in readership. It gave me motivation and I just haven’t had the same numbers as I did back when I was on WP.com. But, if I stop posting, how else will I get readership? And how else will I be able to practice writing? So, here’s me putting my sulking aside and giving myself a pep talk. Self-motivation is hard work!

So, I hope this is the post that gets me back into the habit, but only time will tell. Life may not be so compromising, but I’m determined. I miss devoting half an hour or so to thinking about my favorite TV series or a movie I just watched and writing about it. It’s as much a therapeutic thing for me as it is giving the world wide web more information to sift through.

Now, get with it!


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