Study Break: Memorial Day Weekend 2015

So, I’ve spent the last two and half hours studying and making sure I have all the pieces in place before constructing my homework. I have a 250 word essay answer to my question of tensions between the American Colonies and their homeland of England, followed by a 250 word follow-up to Hobbes’ Social Contract theory and a 900-100 word essay on history and why we study it.

I’m partially done with the history essay. I’ve got my question ready and have a general outline. I also have a general outline to my follow-up. After two and half hours of reading, research, and pondering I’m ready to write and submit.

The thing is I’m dead on my feet and will be traveling tomorrow. It’s a busy weekend, this Memorial Day Weekend, and don’t know if I can squeeze in the time to do my homework in between traveling and a wedding to attend and a video shoot.

But such is the life of someone who is working on their degree, holding a full-time job, and then keeping up with life in general. And as tired as I am, typing this post through half closed eyes, rocking out to my Study Hall playlist (consisting of Lindsey Sterling, William Joseph, Jim Bickman, and more on shuffle), I’m loving it.

The challenge is motivating enough.

You’re crazy!

Thank you, I know.

And it’s because of this minor chaos, I have yet to catch up on TV.

So … until my mind is a little more peaceful …

до свидания!

Da svidanya!


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