TV 411: Renewal-Canceled Recap 2015

I have yet to watch the last few episodes of my currently on-air TV queue since I’m keeping up with homework, but I’m loving the spoilers I’m running into so I decided now is a great time to do this kind of post.

Another season of TV has come to an end (and truthfully, I’m still trying figure out the different seasons of television). And like any TV Junkie out there, you just have to do a Renewal-Cancel recap, if only to brag that your faves made the cut or cry because they didn’t.

There are some shows, that while I didn’t watch regularly, I’m sad to see go. Cristella (ABC) is one. I watched this one irregular-regularly and liked what I saw. Cristella and her family? A bit harsh but hilarious. Cristella and her co-workers? Hilarious. I liked where the show was going and I’m sad it didn’t survive. 

Constantine (NBC) is another, although I’m not completely surprised about this one. I say they should move it to a different network, like SyFy or something. I just didn’t think it would do good on a major network (or whatever they’re called).

I have mixed feelings about CSI’s (CBS) cancellation, if I’m being honest, even though I stopped watching around 2004.

And I’m almost glad, yes almost, to see American Idol in its final season. I feel it had a good run, but lost its luster a couple of seasons ago (and truthfully, I stopped watching after the Jasmine Trias one. I mean, Hawaii could never participate in voting live and … well, … I’ve got nothing else).

Ah, ABC.

  • So glad that Once Upon A Time will be heading for Season 5. Woohoo! I wasn’t worried about them, but it’s still a relief to have confirmation. They’re doing a really good job making these fairy tales into reality-ish storylines.
  • Kudos for Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Marvel’s Agent Carter. In my humble opinion, DC does a better job at TV Shows with their comics than Marvel has, so I’m glad to see these two make it, even if I’ve never watched an episode.
  • And I’ve watched maybe half an episode of Fresh Off the Boat and found it hilarious so I’m glad to see they made it to next season as well.

I’m not going to lie, I’m a CBS fan so … jumping in (even if I haven’t had regular cable for a while).

  • I’m a few season’s behind on The Good Wife but so glad the survived the ending of Will and got renewed, again.
  • And a big WOOHOOO! to another season of The Big Bang Theory. I’m not an Elementary fan (preferring to watch BBC’s Sherlock), but I am a Sherlock fan so … yay!
  • I haven’t watched Scorpion yet, but I’m glad they’re giving me a chance to catch up.
  • And same with Two Broke Girls. I’ve watched glimpses of this show, but of the glimpses I watched all were hilarious so go you!
  • Hurray for Hawaii 5-0! Just because, you know, Hawaii. I’ve watched a majority of the episodes since my family binged watched them a few months ago (but I never got into it partially because … well, I’m not too sure why, but also school).

I am glad that Sleepy Hollow made the cut. They have an interesting storyline and so many ways to work this, even if this season kinda flopped in comparison to last. Here’s to an epic season three! 

Not an NBC fan, but I’m glad to see Debra Messing’s The Mysteries of Laura making its way into Season 2.

As for other networks and other shows …


  • Reign will be coming back for Season 3 … squee!
  • Double squee for Supernatural! Season 11. Wow. I’m just glad Dean and Sam are still game to do it. They rock and that’s why they have a super fandom.
  • And Vampire Diaries will be back for its 7th season! I’m not sure how I feel about this, though. I feel the story line is going down hill, just a tad. And not because of the Damon being a vampire and Elena being human thing so much. Just that I think the whole story is fading out just a bit. I hope the Vampire-Witches can pack a punch in the season finale to renew my hope for Season 7. And I say bring back The Originals. I call for a crossover!


The one and only show I follow on Netflix will be back for Season 2. Go Marco Polo!

Woohoo! for The Librarians, making its way to a Season 2!

Woohoo for Royal Pains, Season 7 & 8!

And while anything can happen between now and the fall season, I’m glad to see most of my favorites are still on there.

Enjoy your breaks and come back with an epic “next season!”

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