Blogging 411: Is it imperative to post on a daily basis?

Is it Imperative to post on a daily basis for you to have a successful blog?

Daily posting isn’t imperative to have a successful blog, but consistently posting is. I read once that not everyone reads everything on your blog and I agree with that since I know I don’t read everything on the blogs I personally follow. With this in mind, if you’re only posting once a month or here and there, how are people going to read what you write?

Which also means you have define what “successful blogging” means to you. Does it mean you post weekly? Monthly? Does it mean you get at least 5 followers? 10?

Figure out what the meaning of “successful blogging” means to you and you’ll figure out whether daily posting works for you.

When I first started, successful to me meant writing for public reading. I’ve always kept a journal and I enjoyed writing papers for classes and such, but writing and posting to the internet where anyone and everyone could possible read your stuff scared me. So, my goal was to at least post something. Then, when I got used to that I decided to focus on a topic each day and my goal changed to post something daily. Now that I have a steady rhythm and have been posting semi-consistently, I leave Saturday and Sunday free to either post something random or not.

The bottom line: define what a successful blog means to you and post accordingly.

4 thoughts on “Blogging 411: Is it imperative to post on a daily basis?

  1. Meghan

    I was trying to get into a routine of posting daily but then we moved so I got way behind. You do so much better than me


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