TV 411: Royal Pains, Season 6, The Beginning

Genres: comedy, drama

You know how you’re waiting for Netflix to load the next season so you can binge watch it before the next season. And you want to binge watch, but you also don’t because once you finish the season you know you’ll have to wait a couple of months till the next season so you decide to pace yourself. And then you watch New Season, Episode 1. And then cliffhangers. And then, next thing you know you’ve watched three episode!

Yep. That happened.

Three episodes out of eleven! Already!

But episode cliffhangers! Can you blame me?

Spoiler Alert – continue at your own risk    

I mean, first Hank comes back. After a year of jet-setting, or almost a year, With Boris, Hank is back. But #spoileralert the Lawson brothers discover they have a sister! Say what?!
And then there’s the whole Hank-leaving-Boris unfinished business thing. And then the Divya-Jerimiah dynamic.

These are all things we know and love with Royal Pains, but how can you just watch one? Impossible!

I only stopped watching because episode three ended on a flat line. What that means to me is “not a cliffhanger.” You still want to know what happens next, but you can take a breather. You know?

I’m excited about this season. It’s shaping up to be very interesting!


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