Blogging 2.0: The “Like” Button

Oh boy. Call it vanity or whatever but I was wondering why I wasn’t getting “likes” on my posts. Before migrating from to, my posts would get “likes” on occasion and a comment here and there. Not every posts and not every day, but I’d say every other day and every other post. I was wondering why I wasn’t getting any of those since I migrated to

At first, I thought it was because my followers on wasn’t moved over to yet. So I went through the process of migrating them over (Thank you, WordPress staff! You rock!). It’s been a few days now, maybe a week, so I was thinking, “maybe my writing isn’t as good as it was.” And that may be so. I don’t claim to be a good writer, but … I had some likes before, okay?

And while all of the above probably applies, I just realized I didn’t have a “like” button! Or a “comment” section on my posts! I forgot to activate those settings on their respective plug-in settings. Ugh! It would help if I had those features activated, don’t you think?

And even if I don’t get “likes” or “comments” at least I know for sure it’s just cause I’m a sucky blogger 😉 .

The adventures of a self-hosted blog continues!

2 thoughts on “Blogging 2.0: The “Like” Button

  1. Meghan

    I use the WordPress app and went to comment on another post of you’re and realized I couldn’t. I had to open your blog up in safari in order to do anything. Don’t worry people are still here