Table Talk: How Can I Get Interested In Reading?

As I answered on Quora:

For someone who prefers moving pictures to words on a page, I would say start with graphic novels. Graphic novels have a little bit of both–pictures and words; kind of like picture books for young adults and kids-at-heart.

Graphic novels have a variety of storylines, including renditions of popular movies. Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series has a bunch of graphic novels. And of course you have graphic novels with your favorite superheroes. I’m not one to regularly read graphic novels because I love reading words, but a graphic novel series I love and would recommend is the Elf Quest series.

Graphic novels are slightly different from comic books in such they provide more narrative than comic books, which is why, for those loving movies who want to get interested in books, I suggested them over comic books but both are good for a little bit of picture and a little bit of story.

I would also add, read anything and everything you may be interested in. If getting interested in reading is your main objective, I’d read whatever you are most interested in. Graphic novels and comics are a good way to start, but if that’s too much, I’d start reading the comic section in your local newspaper. I’d also read newspaper headlines or spotlight interviews in a magazine that interests you. Start small, make it habit, and then go from there.

Reading doesn’t have to be an actual book, cover to cover. If reading the Sunday comics gets you to read at least ten minutes a week, I think you’re already halfway to your goal.

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