Biblio 411: A new addition

Today I was updating my 2015 Movies Watched Page and my TV Shows I Follow Page when I realized I haven’t really created a listing for the books I read. Now, GoodReads has a great widget in which I’ve added to my website which shows which books I’m currently reading. But to list every book I read? Yeah, not sure about that one, especially when you consider that my reading goal this year is 70 books. However, I decided I can track book series as a list. And we’ll see, if I can keep up with this. If all goes well, I may just add a “Reading Directory” of books I’ve read. For now, though, I’m keeping it simple and sticking with Book Series.

So, introducing … Book Series I’m Following Page. It’s listed under the Book Junkie 411 menu.

Have fun! Oh, and if you have any suggestions, feel free to suggest it in the Comment section of that page.


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