411 Update: 04/23/2015

As you can probably guess, especially if you’ve been following my Blogging 2.0 posts, there’s been a few tweaks since my 04/13 update.

  1. I decided to move into self-hosting.
    • I’m not quite sure why except that I thought it’s times to test those waters. I hear there’s more customization and more flexibility. Oh, and if I decide to make some money writing/blogging, self-hosting will make it easier. Truthfully, I’m not sure if this is the road I want to take, just yet, but I’m keeping my options open.
  2. New layout.
    • With changes happening, it was bound to happen. I’m still trying to adjust to the new look, but I like it. Hopefully, you do to. After all, things are still pretty straight forward. It’s not because I don’t like change–I like change!–it’s just that if something’s working I don’t think  you should get too crazy. Update things, yes. But don’t do a complete 180, you know?
  3. The Facebook Page
    • I know, I know. You put that in the *last* update. But hey, I can add it to here too, right?

And that does it for now.



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