Blogging 2.0: Facebook Developer App

So, I’m trying to get my posts to stream onto my Facebook Page. I downloaded the plug-in for And proceeded to read their instructions.

What’s interesting is having to create a Facebook App in order to do this. What’s frustrating is I’m not a developer.

WordPress’ instructions are pretty straight-forward, thankfully. What’s not straight-forward is submitting my app for review. I understand this is Facebook’s way of controlling what’s being down with their software/website (?) so I’m not upset about that. They also provide a pretty thorough guide on how to fill out the application for app submission/review. However, a lot of the language was lost on me since I’m not really a developer.

For instance:

“Provide detailed instructions on what steps you took to allow this permission in your app so Facebook can recreate it.”

Now, I’m pretty sure if you’re a developer you understand this in an instant. I semi-understand it. I understand that I am creating an Facebook app to allow my blog posts to show up on my Facebook page (which Facebook owns). Where I get lost is “How did I get to this step?” I mean, I can’t provide detailed instructions on the steps I took because I’m just following WordPress’s instructions. Secondly, my understanding is that Facebook can recreate it just by doing what they do (which I’m not sure what it is they do) because all I’m doing is adding this permission so my posts can stream on to my Facebook page.

I’m probably missing all the in-between signals, but for now, that’s all I understand. doesn’t provide support unless you’re on the Pro Package so it’s a bumpy road for me. Trail and error, baby. Trial and error.

I just hope I can get it working.


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