TV 411: Reign – Season 2 – Monde v.s. Frary

Genres: historical fic

#SpoilerAlert – consider yourself warned

What I love about TV culture, or well, Pop Culture in general this day in age is the shipping wars we tend to participate in.

“What’s that?” you ask. Well, it’s when you take one paring against the other pairing and “ship” them (or champion them or argument for them … you get the idea). I know this is nothing knew; remember Angel/Buffy against Spike/Buffy? Or even the whole Dawson/Joey against Pacey/Joey? Yeah, nothing knew. But what I don’t remember are the   shipping names today’s culture seems to create i.e. Monde and Frary.

And if you really can’t piece it together: Mary + Conde = Monde and Mary + Francis = Frary.

And in honor of Reign‘s comeback this evening (which I’m patiently waiting for) I decided to address the biggest issue amongst the fandom this season; the Monde story arch.

I’m still on the fence about this one. If I’m being honest, I’m still secretly playing out the Bash and Mary story arch in my head, hoping it’ll someday be revived. But with the current themes going on, I don’t know if Conde is good for Mary in the long run. As harsh as it sounds, I think Conde is what she needs in this moment.

Shut up! You bite your tongue. 

I know right! But seriously. I understand her point. Francis is what got her into this predicament in the first place. He didn’t have to reveal his patricide to tell Mary that Narcisse. He could have simply said “Mary, Narcisse has something against me that could put us all in grave danger if he reveals it. You’ll have to trust me to know what I’m saying, but he’s using it to blackmail me.” Being as headstrong as Mary is, I’m sure she’d have pushed him to tell her eventually, but he didn’t have to come out and say it for him to tell her. That was my biggest disappointment in him. When he didn’t tell her Narcisse was blackmailing him. And I realize he was protecting Mary by not telling her about his patricide, but seriously, Mary and Queen Catherine had already plotted to kill his father so why not tell Mary? For me, Mary plotting to kill the king tells me that she knew the dangers King Henry’s madness was causing. She would have understood the reason Francis did what he did. And being a queen herself, she would have understood the dangers of knowing that Francis did what he did (am I making any sense? Gosh, I’m sure there are better ways of saying what I’m saying, but it’s so much fun!).

It’s what Mary and Francis said at the beginning of their marriage. They’re better when they work together and Francis made the choice, for both of them may I add, to work by himself. If I was in Mary’s position, I would have a hard time seeing past the cause of my rape being my husband’s inability to trust me.

With that said, I do believe Mary still loves Francis. I believe what Lola believes; that Mary needs to get past her pain and hurt before she can make her way back to Francis. And I believe to get past that, she needs Conde. Since divorce isn’t an option, I think this is Francis’ best shot in getting her back. Twisted, I know.

And while there’s talk about Francis dying this season, I’m not too sure about that one. I feel the show will be taking a huge risk in killing Francis off this soon. He has a lot of pull on the story line so unless the writers have something epic tucked behind the curtain, I don’t really see this happening. I’ve seen shows kill off a likable character before and pull it off because they had other, more likable, characters (I’m looking at you Vampire Diaries), but I think killing off Francis would be equivalent to killing off Damon in Season 2 (for good that is. Because that’s the beauty of a supernatural show. You can always, somehow, bring a dead character back to life or well back to being undead).

So the picture of Francis lying in bead surrounded by roses … I don’t think he’s dead yet. Or maybe it’s another vision.

But we shall see. We shall see.

So, to Season 2 of Reign, may your final five episodes in this season be mind blowing! Best of luck!


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