Movie Junkie 411: Furious 7

Genres: action

Directed by: James Wan (SawThe Conjuring-as a director)
Screenplay by: Chris Morgan (previous Fast & Furious’47 Ronin-as a writer)

Characters were written by Gary Scott Thompson

Rated: PG-13
Released: April 3, 2015
The Hook: I watched all the other movies in this series and I like the story arch with the last movie.

#SpoilerAlert – just letting you know

Plot: Overall story arch in this one is Deckard Shaw, Owen Shaw’s older brother, seeks revenge against Dom and his family for putting his brother in the hospital. Then these sequence of events happen (according to my brain because they didn’t actually go in this sequence on screen, but one can speculate), Shaw breaks into Hobbs office to steal information on whoever put his brother in the hospital. A gun fight breaks out that ends with Hobbs injured and in the hospital, but Shaw was able to download most of the information and got to see Han’s information on the computer screen before the computers malfunction due to bullets. He heads to Tokyo, takes out Hans while sending a package to Dom’s house. BOOM! House is totaled, barely missing Dom, Mia, Brain, and little Jack. Naturally, Dom’s pissed. Dom sees Hobbs in the hospital and finds out who’s after his family. Then the fun begins.

While that’s the overall story arch, I do like the subplot. Enter the CIA. Since Deckard Shaw is basically a ghost, someone who was part of a government intelligence team until he became more liability, less asset, you have to figure the CIA will step in. Anyway, Mr. Nobody (head CIA guy) makes a deal with Dom. Since Shaw is basically a ghost, there’s a program out there that can find anyone, anywhere and the CIA wants it. This program, called God’s Eye, was created by a hacker that’s been kidnap by an uber terrorist group so they can use the program for evil. So Mr. Nobody wants Dom and his team to extract this hacker, get the program, and in exchange Dom can use it to find Shaw. Hackers. Always the hackers πŸ˜‰ . And the extra fun begins.

I like how this movie ties in all the other movies in the franchise. The story comes full circle in this one. The seven movies each have their own story arch and can be watched separately, but together from start to present there’s an overall story arch that branches the franchise and I like that. And can I just say that I love the fact they didn’t kill off Paul Walker’s character. Most movies don’t do that and I’m sure it’s because they had no other option, but I’m glad they were able to give Brian and Mia a happy ending. I really do. This way, too, they can continue the franchise without upsetting the fans. If they want to, that is.

Action scenes were awesome. I called mythbusters* on a couple of them; two in particular. The first one was where the cars were parachuted off a carrier plane so they could get on that mountain road before the kidnappers disappeared. It was such an awesome scene, but definitely a myth buster’s moment for me.

The second one was the scene where Dom and Brian drive the car off one tower, out the window and into another tower, through that window in Abu Dhabi.

So, yep. Myth busters on both. Awesome stunts though.

And you can’t have a Fast and Furious movie without awesome driving scenes and my favorite is when they have Ramsey (hacker girl) in one car and they pull off this car spin where she goes from one car to the other car through the window. It’s awesome! And if that can be done in real life … wow!

Action sequences and CGs were done well. There’s one point in the movie I got a little dizzy, but maybe it’s because I didn’t have anything to eat all afternoon and then I ate popcorn. Overall, I liked it.

Acting was great, as usual. It’s nice to see Michelle Rodrigquez a part of this team again. I know she was back in the last one, but in this one, she’s … a part of it again, you know? I’ve always been a Brian and Mia fan and I’m glad to see how far they’ve come as a couple. Especially when they’re opposite of Dom and Letty. Vin Disel and Paul Walker are great as always. And the entire Furious team rocks. It’s good to see Kurt Russell (Mr. Nobody) on screen. I haven’t seen him in a while so that was nice. And Jason Statham (Deckard Shaw) always does a good job. Well, I haven’t seen a movie where he didn’t do so well.

I’m not a huge fan of this franchise (and I know I’m probably crazy for saying so), but I enjoyed it. And I have to say, I absolutely loved this soundtrack. If you didn’t know, I’m a soundtrack junkie, but this soundtrack stood out. Then again, the entire Furious franchise has good music.

If you’ve been a fan of the franchise, it goes without saying you should see this movie, especially since this may be Brian’s last appearance in the franchise. If you haven’t been a fan of the franchise, watch it anyway. You’re in for a good time. It’s action-packed, has a solid story line, and fun to watch. I’ll definitely be adding this to my collection and I’ll probably shoot for the Special Features edition so I can see how they shot those stunts. I’d stick to DVD on this one, but we’ll see. BluRays are becoming cheaper so I just may opt for BluRay. 

*Myth Busters – for those of you who don’t know, Myth Busters is a show where they bust common myths by testing them for validity. They’ve done stuff like “knock your socks off” or whether or not you’re actually saving money driving a hybrid car. They’ve also done movie scenes. They’ve tested the “shooting a circle around you so you fall through the floor” like Selene does in Underworld

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