411 Update: 04/13/15

Every now and then inspiration strikes and you just have to move things around, add things, change things, and well … update things.

I haven’t done a post to specifically note changes I made to my blogshpere, but I feel like I should start. At the very least, it’ll provide a record for me to keep tabs on and maybe someday in the future reflect upon.

So, here are the things I’ve updated in the last month or so:

  • Updated my 2015 Movies Watched page
  • Created a TV Shows I’m Currently Following page
  • I’ve created a new spotlight post, 411 Toolbox, in which I plan to spotlight the tools I use to make me an 411 Junkie.
  • I’ve been going through several different category headings because I’m not sure what to go with. While I love using just Movie 411 or TV Addict 411, I didn’t like using Book 411 and I wanted things to be semi uniform. I have no clue why, I’m just weird like that. So, as 04/13/15 😉 , I’ve settled on the following categories: Movie Junkie 411 / TV Junkie 411 / Book Junkie 411 / Writing Junkie 411 / Random 411. They tend to match the title of my blog which, if you didn’t already know, is 411 Junkie.

And the biggest update … *drum roll* … the 411 Junkie Facebook Page! See sidebar (–>) and click LIKE! I’m still not sure how to coordinate these two pieces, but like everything else I’ll feel my way around it. If you have any ideas and/or suggestions, I’m all ears!

So, there you go. I have a few more ideas that are simmering in my brain, but we’ll have to see if they’ll ever come to fruition. Until then … peace!


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