Blogging 411: The Facebook Page, it is done

I’ve been on the fence about creating a FB page for this blog for a while now. The main reason for my hesitation was because writing is a part of me so why bother creating a separate page just for my blog. Do I really want to maintain separate identities? The more I thought about keeping up two personas, so to speak, the more I felt there was no need to separate my two worlds.

Until I decided to post daily.

As much as I want my friends and family to read my blog, because it’s awesome!, I felt that maybe it’s time to separate the two. I’m starting to get into the routine of things. I’m starting to develop a basic structure for my blog and since my blog is my Wonderland, I’m thinking it’s wise to separate Wonderland from the day-to-day “check out my food” posts that seems to still be popular today.

But how is a Facebook Page going to help your blog?

I’m not exactly sure of the how yet, but I’m taking a leap and testing the waters.

Not to mention, there are some books I’m previewing and it will benefit me, and these authors, to filter these requests/posts/contacts on a separate plane. And even though 411 Junkie has its own website, it’s time for it to have its own Facebook Page.

Only time will tell if it was a smart move on my part or not, but here’s to giving it a shot.


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