411 Toolbox: The toolbox

A few months back I decided to write about tools of the trade or, well, tools that I use to keep my brain occupied and help me to be the information junkie that I am. I kicked it off by reviewing Evernote–a pretty darned cool app that … well, you can read all about it here. And two years ago, I reviewed GoodReads here.

It didn’t dawn on me to turn it into a spotlight until recently. I decided that I like showcasing the resources I use to feed my brain and they deserve some loving, so I’ve decided to make it a feature post. And just like my book reviews and movie review, I’m trying to figure out how to showcase this spotlight post.

  • Do I make a list of five? Ten?
  • Should I make it a weekly post? Monthly post?
  • Do I make it series?

Decisions, decisions. But then again, that’s the beauty of writing. You can dive in and eventually you’ll find something you like, something you start to work with, and then it takes care of itself.

While planning and analyzing is a good thing, the even better thing to do is just go with it. And since I love writing and blogging I know this will work itself out like the others.

So, not only have I decided t start a Facebook page for my blog, I’m also starting a new category. My has my muse been busy.

To a new month full of possibilities.