Life 411: Electives, electives, electives

A little while ago, I reviewed my academic plan.

All colleges/universities have a version of this plan, but what I love about American Public University (part of the APUS which includes American Military University) is their academic plan is straight-forward. You choose what type of educational path you want to embark on and they generate a list of all the classes and requirements you need in order to graduate your program. And they link the classes in your respective program to class descriptions which make registration a breeze. It’s awesome. The local college I attended prior to this university didn’t have such a thing. It was hard for me to figure out where to go because of it. Anyway …

This plan is organized according to general education requirements, core requirements, concentration requirements, and electives. I’m finished with all my general education requirements and by the end of August, if all goes well, I should be finished with my core requirements.

So, a little while ago, I reviewed my academic plan.

The concentration portion of my BA program had ten required courses and I could choose four. I figured this out pretty quickly. Oh, and since I decided to minor in Sociology, five classes are required for that concentration. And I took two semesters of Cisco Networking at my brick and motor college so I was able to transfer those earned credits over to this program.

That only leaves me with two classes, of my choosing, for my electives.

Two classes? That’s not so bad.

It is when you’ve combed the course catalogs and found 21 classes you’d like to take.

Yep. Twenty-one.

And that’s me narrowing it down!

And my list is pretty darned cool. It includes classes like History of Organized Crime, Intro to Linguistics, History of Russia (I’m so close to choosing this one. I’ll probably choose this one), Intro to Intelligence, Cyber Warfare, Legal Research and Writing, Intro to the Courts, Political Theory, Intro to Philosophy, and twelve more.

At this point, I almost wish I didn’t transfer my credits. I could add two more classes.

  • Do I want to continue with the computer-themed electives and go for something like Cyber Warfare and Intro to Intelligence?
  • Do I want to enhance my history by taking History of Russia? Or even something interesting like History of Organized Crime? Or History of Astronomy?
  • Do I want to be well-rounded and maybe take Intro to Philosophy and Epistemology? I always liked Philosophy. As a matter of fact, I originally had this as my minor until I took a class in Sociology and decided to switch it.
  • Or do I want to supplement all my knowledge with Intro to Linguistics?

Nerd girl problems for real.

So, electives, electives. What to do, what to do, what to do.


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