Table Talk: New TV

With me finishing the Gilmore Girls series and Eureka, Psych, Warehouse 13, and White Collar series at an end, there’s opportunity for me to add a few more shows to my plate. Sorry, online streaming has just made it too convenient to keep up with TV now days. The beauty that I can hold a full time job, be a part-time student, and watch TV when I have downtime still amazes me. It’s wonderful for a entertainment junkie like me.

So, there are a few shows that’s been on my queue.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer for one. This has been on my TBW list for a while now. I never got the chance to really watch this one when it was on air, but the chance to add it to my active watch list is too good to pass up.

Reign is another. I was on the fence about this one, but I love the time period its taking place in and being a student of European History, I’d love the chance to see a Mary Queen of Scots story play out on screen. I’ve already made it through Season 1 and I bought the season pass for Season 2. You’re crazy! I know! I couldn’t help it. The cliffhanger on Season 1 just … yeah, I couldn’t wait for Season 2 to end so I can watch it during the summer. I’m already a season behind on Supernatural and I’m saving my summer break to catch up on that one.

The Librarians. I couldn’t resist this one either. I was a fan of the first movie, haven’t watched the other two, and was stoked they finally caught a TV deal. I’m all caught up on the first season and I have to say it; I’m impressed. Since Warehouse 13 ran its course, I wasn’t sure how I’d feel watching a show with a similar feel. I mean, I’d feel like I’m cheating on Warehouse 13, you know? But, I like it. I wish TNT would stream it some other way though. Crossing my fingers that they’ll sign a deal with Hulu or something.

That leaves room for two more shows. And maybe I’ll take my time choosing two, but I’m open to suggestions.

I’m on the fence about finishing, or catching up to, Revenge. I stopped at a couple of episodes before the season one finale and wasn’t sure I wanted to continue so I’m on pause with that one. I’ve heard Scandal is worth taking a look at, but I don’t know. And I wouldn’t mind checking out Vikings, even though I’m behind a couple of season. Decisions, decisions.


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