Random 411: Halfway to working

Okay, so …

My brain is almost back on track. I was able to catch up on most of my reading assignments for this semester and I’ve almost halfway done with my research paper. Granted this week’s assignments opened up tonight, but I’m almost caught up with my school work I fell behind on while I was sick.

And it’s not because my mind has snapped itself back into shape. More like if I don’t force my brain to focus, I’ll fall too far behind to catch up and I really don’t want that to happen.

And being the geek that I am (rolls my eyes), focusing on school work has almost snapped my brain out of it. I really do get all geeky when it comes to history and this past week’s reading was on China and the Qin and Han dynasties … which was awesome! Coming from a semester of studying Western Civilization, it’s nice to get a wider view of history by studying World Civilization. This week we’ll be diving into the African kingdoms. How cool is that?!

Sighs. Maybe doing school work is the way to get my mind back on track, which is kind of ironic because my mind didn’t seem to want to focus on any kind of work.

So, halfway working. That’s progress right? Maybe it’ll be full steam once I finish my essay.


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