Random 411: Where has the day gone?

What a day! Did I just miss another daily post? 

Truthfully, I lost track of time. My family has been wanting to watch Dawn of the Planet of the Apes all week and I’ve been putting it off to catch up on my reading assignments for school. So, tonight I finally said ok. It’s been a long week and a study break was needed.

After the movie I decided to get started on my research paper and the next I look at the clock it’s 12:30. 12:30! I don’t believe it. The day got away from me.

But that’s what I get for being a history major. My paper? Compare and contrast one characteristic of two civilizations. Example, religion in the Arayan civilization and the Rome civilization. Yep. 

I need three academic sources, three page paper, and in Chicago format. Three pages does not seem like much but research papers aren’t my strong suit. It’s the whole my-point-versus-research. I have a hard time with my narrative. It sometimes comes out just me quoting research materials. Sighs.

But I love the challenge so while my brain is exhausted it’s a good time of exhaustion. And I need to work on a family history display to showcase in a week or two. Yep. Another fun, but possibly exhausting, research project. 

Another long day and I have no idea where it went.


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