TV Addict: When does a TV show stop being interesting?

So, I watch TV.

I know that’s me being obvious, but there are some people out there who don’t.

And if you think about it, TV has changed a lot in just a short period of time which leaves me wondering whether we’re actually watching TV or are we just watching mini-movie series.

But that’s not the point of my post.

There are some shows I like, most shows I don’t, but there are some TV shows that I just loose interest. I’m sure you’ve come across a show or two like that. It was a good first season and then it simply wasn’t. The pilot was epic and then you have no idea what happened. Yeah, we all have a couple of TV shows we gave the boot to.

So when does a TV show stop being interesting to you?

Did the story get too weird?
Did they kill off your favorite character?
Did the story just get boring?

What kills the series for you?

I can’t say for sure when a show stops being interesting, but I can give a few reasons why I stop watching.

** Spoiler Alert: You’ve been warned **

Let me start with Ghost Whisperer, because I was seriously sad to let this show go, but I just didn’t have the heart to carry on. On air from 2005 to 2010, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt (Melinda), this show is about a medium, someone who can see or hear ghosts. I was a huge fan. It was a cool story plot. A medium who helps ghosts crossover. You can do a lot with that story, well, kind of. I know you have the challenge of balancing the personal matters with the overall plot, but you have room. Anyway, I stopped watching in Season 4. Yeah, I’m sure most fans know why. I just couldn’t watch too long after that. I’m sorry. I know Jim (David Conrad) loved Melinda so much so that he was determined to stay with her, but to have him jump into another body? Sighs. I love Jim and Melinda. I just couldn’t take Jim-in-someone-else’s body and Melinda. I can understand the concept of a body being a vessel for the soul, but … I just couldn’t. And we already lost Andrea! I mean, I loved Andrea and Melinda, BFFL. I loved her character. I was so sad to see her go. Don’t get me wrong, I warmed up to Delia, but then you take away Jim? Yeah, that was a little much to take.

The second show that comes to mind is Fringe. On air from 2008-2013, starring Anna Torv (Olivia), John Noble (Dr. Walter Bishop), and Pacey — I mean Joshua Jackson (Peter Bishop). This one was easier to let go. I stopped watching as soon as they killed Charlie (Kirk Acevedo). Season 3. Yep. I loved the fact the mixed science and the supernatural. It was awesome to see. But the moment that alien killed him and shapeshifted into him, that did it for me. Peter was easily my favorite character, but he was followed closely by Charlie and, yep–feelings gone. I may return to this show though because of the fact that someone can travel back and forth between dimensions intrigues me. We’ll see though. Maybe. In time.

**Spoiler Alert 2: You’ve been warned. Twice. **

There is one other show that is sitting on that border for me and that is Sleepy Hollow. Into it’s second season, year two on air, I’m worried for it. Season 1 was epic. I loved the themes they introduced, the dynamics between characters, the overall story arch. But in season two, they’re fizzling. I mean, the plot is getting redundant and borderline boring. I am so sorry to say it. I was in denial. Refused to let my mind think that. Right up until S2x5 “Spellcaster” when it’s revealed that Henry (John Noble) is alive and he regrets killing his “father,” Moloch, and then we see that Frank Irving (the 7-Up guy, I mean Orlando Jones) is under the influence of Henry. I mean, really? Again? We’re going to go through this again? I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. Sighs. Rally back, Sleepy Hollow. Give me a epic reason why Henry is bad again. Or alive again. I’m rooting for you to make it to Season 4!

So, when does a TV show stop being interesting? It appears when the writers take a huge risk or when they can’t get past writer’s block. I’m sure there are other reasons floating around out there, but these do it for me. If only all TV shows can hit the magic formula like Gilmore Girls or Supernatural that make the series head into season 4 and beyond. For me, when a TV series can get past season 4, they’re pretty awesome so long as they don’t get boring and they don’t kill my favorites 😉 .


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