Random 411: An off day …

So, as you probably didn’t noticed, I missed a post yesterday. It was a typical Tuesday: I wake up, go to work, come home, study, blog, sleep, then repeat. It’s been a bit challenging without a car, which is a story saved for another post, but aside from that nothing out of the ordinary.

Except, I came home and went almost straight to sleep! I barely hung on for dinner. As soon as I felt it a good set of minutes had passed for my food to digest enough for me to safely lie down I was out. Out cold by 8p. I set an alarm thinking I’d rest my eyes for a few before study, but I completely missed it. That or I snoozed it so much my phone gave up trying to wake me.

By the time I woke from my “nap” it was past midnight and the house was quiet. And when I really needed to not be tired so I could study, I wasn’t. I woke up tired so I went right back to sleep. It was an off day. Didn’t expect this.

Unbelievable. All I can think of is I must’ve been tired even though I didn’t feel it.

Now, I have a whole lot of catch up reading to do if I want to keep up with my reading this semester.

Sighs. Well, I’ll jump back on the train soon. Cross my heart I will. I’m determined and stubborn. So there.

You go have a nice night of reading other people’s blog, for now. Be back soon!


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