Biblio After Dark: Book Curfews

You can’t be serious? Book curfew?

I am absolutely serious. And yes, book curfew.

And actually, it may be more accurate to say an info junkie curfew. Ok, maybe an entertainment curfew? Ok, maybe just a curfew. Ok, I’m definitely overthinking this.

Book curfew. For me, that’s a time I set for myself where I need close my book and go to sleep. No ifs, ands, or buts. If I want to function semi-well, I need to sleep for at least two hours. And when I’m getting into a really good book or  binge watching a TV show, my curfew is “not past 3:30a.” That’s the absolute latest I give myself.

Of course that’s on a case by case basis because when I started Endless Knight by Kresley Cole I lost track of time and by the time I remembered to check the time it was 5am! I know. Reading is dangerous! Just read my reasons why here.


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