Book Junkie 411: Rain Check

Wow. I mean, wow.

I would love to do this for living.

I’m unable to post an official Book Review because I’m in the middle of reading several books. I love it! It’s taking me some time to get through these books for several reasons.

1) I’m working full time
2) I’m going to school part time
3) I have about four books to review! I think it’s four. It maybe more, but at a glance it looked like four.

If I could do this for a living, I would. Read books then write about them.

Not getting paid isn’t stopping you from doing that anyway.

I know that, but if I could pay the bills by doing this I could do this the whole day! And I know I won’t get tired of it. Sighs.

But, for now, I’m happy to continue doing it this way for several reasons.

1) I love reading
2) I love writing
3) I love helping out authors. I really do. I enjoying helping them in anyway possible and if that’s giving their book an honest review, so be it.

So, I’m calling in a rain check for a book review and hopefully I’ll have a full queue of book review posts.


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