We interrupt this program …

Because my brain has checked out for the evening.


I spent most of the day organizing cabinets at work and, wow. It hits me again. Mental exhaustion. I’m not making excuses, by the way.

It started like any ordinary day at work. I checked mail and had two boxes. I did opening procedures and then opened those boxes. What do you know, summer reading program materials have started to arrive. So I decided, “let me check what’s in these cabinets to see if I can use anything for the program” and there went my day.

Years of stuff. Stuff from as far back as 2001 (tons of NSync posters that said ‘2001 tour’s) For the most part, the stuff was organized into boxes and some of them had labels like “holiday pencils” but since I’m the kind of person who asks “what do you mean holiday? Christmas? Easter? What?” I just had to open all of them up and look for myself. Not to mention, the person who was in my position previously had been there since the early 90s so I had no idea how old the stuff was.

So, ordinary day + mail + summer reading program + prizes cabinet = mental exhaustion.

I promise I’ll make it up to you. Cross my heart. But for now, I’m out.



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