TV Addict: Vampire Diaries, A heartfelt goodbye

Spoiler Alert – You’ve been warned

S6 x 15 – “Let Her Go”
Aired: 2/19/15

Wow! Season 6?! You’re kidding right? That’s insane! I remember joining this fandom when they were a few episodes into Season 3 (and I read books 1-4 so many years ago, sighs). I can’t believe I’ve been on this train ride this long. It’s a good series.

So, “Let Her Go.” Where do I begin?

I’m so sad to see Sheriff Forbes go. I really am. But on the upside, I felt she died a good death. I mean, with so many of our beloved characters die a pretty brutal death (Tyler’s dad getting his brain fried, Tyler’s mom getting … yeah, and just recently we saw Stefan’s fake relative get her neck snapped. Seriously, you either die brutal or you become a supernatural) it’s nice to see the one “normal” person die peacefully. As Liz mentioned, she died a pretty boring death, which is pretty awesome considering she’s a citizen of Mystic Falls. And I liked that she had Damon give her eulogy. I mean, she’s the only person that really gave Damon a chance. I mean, really, really gave him a chance. Even after finding out some of the stuff he did to her daughter (because I’m sure Caroline mentioned some stuff after seeing how great of friends they were becoming). If memory serves me right, she never judged him and always took what he said seriously. You will be missed, Sheriff Forbes.

Second point of business … Bonnie’s back! Squee! Love her. I mean, she does pushes my boundaries of patience every now and then but I love her. The fact that she’s the witch of the group has nothing to do with it *says with false sincerity*. But I love that she’s back. And I love that the first person to see her is Damon. And I love the fact that she jumps in his arms. I’m a huge fan of Damon and Elena, just so you know, but I love that Bonnie has warmed up to Damon enough that she jumped in his arms. Wait, let me back up. I love that she’s warmed up to Damon enough that she ran and jumped in his arms. With all the tension and hate thrown upon Damon in the first few seasons (and not that he didn’t deserve some of it, because we know he did) it’s good to see someone other than Elena and Stefan really warm up to him. Okay, I know I just mentioned Sheriff Forbes. Oh, and I know that there’s Enzo. Anyway, it’s just good to see Damon not being harped on, you know?

The whole Ky and Jo thing? Yeah, I had a feeling that the merge with Luke was too easy. And as much as I want to hope Jo giving him her magic is magically going to end this Gemini Coven thing, I have a feeling we’re not through with that story line just yet.

Especially since Damon and Stefan’s mom is trapped in a prison world! I mean, how’s that bomb shell? Mrs. Salvatore is a witch! Well, possibly a witch. It’s not really confirmed that she’s a witch, but I’m pretty sure she is since Bonnie found her grimoire and all. But again, it’s not confirmed. There were only hints of this possibility and until it’s confirmed that she is I’m not going to assume she is (even though we all know she is ;), maybe).

There are other subplots going on in this one. The whole Stefan and Caroline thing … yeah. No comment. I’m happy if this ship is sailing, but I don’t know if I’ll support it 100%. I still think Katherine (rest in peace) was the one for him. Aside from  Caroline and Stefan, there’s Caroline the Ripper! Okay, we don’t know that for sure, but seriously? Caroline without her humanity? I’m waiting to see how well that unfolds. If Elena took it particularly hard, I hate to imagine what that would be like for Caroline. *shudders*. It’s going to be fun to watch. Oh, and imagine if Caroline’s ripper self is enough to get Klaus to come from New Orleans? Because I feel that Klaus is still the one for her. Yeah, I’m shipping all kinds of wrong.

Working theories:

  • Mrs. Salvatore got mixed up with either the Gemini Coven or the Bennetts. I’m thinking the Gemini Coven, but the Gemini Coven went to Bonnie’s grandma to obtain a spell to send Kai to prison so … yeah, I’m back to the Bennetts. Then you have Katherine’s Bennett witch, but I always assumed she traveled with Katherine and if that’s the case I don’t see how their paths would cross since the Salvatores lost their mom, what looks like, a few years prior to meeting up with Katherine. Unless, of course, Katherine crossed paths with their mom, had a disagreement, and sent her to prison and then circled back to Mystic Falls which would explain why she would stay at the Salvatores house and get all cozy with them brothers. Anyway, I’m interested to see where this storyline may lead. I’m sure Bonnie will be tangled up in it whether or not her bloodline was involved. I do hope to see her powers grow in the upcoming episodes though.
  • Caroline is going to be one interesting vampire these next few episodes.
  • As much as I don’t want it to be Stefan, I think he’s the one that’s going to bring Caroline back. I really want it to be Klaus but considering the success of The Originals I don’t think so.
  • With Bonnie back in Mystic Falls, Jeremy’s definitely going to be coming back, right?
  • I think Zack and Tyler would be pretty good on the police force. Oh, I know! Klaus returns to bring Caroline back from the dark side and in the process activates Tyler’s werewolf gene! Because you know that shoe has to drop sometime. Werewolves have to return to Mystic Falls … right?

It’s going to be an interesting 2nd half of the season. Very interesting indeed. Glad to be on this train.


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