Movie 411: 87th Oscars, 2015


What a night!

One of the biggest nights in the movie industry. The Oscars.

Spoiler Alert: There are Oscar spoilers. Consider yourself warned.

Now, I didn’t think I was a fan of award shows, but I can’t seem to tear myself away when I know about them. It’s a bit annoying and a bit amusing. I guess when you get swept away in all the buzz, it’s hard not to be a part of it, you know? And I’m at a disadvantage anyway, because Hawaii is 2 hours behind Hollywood, but even then I can’t seem to stay away.

So, the host of the evening, Neil Patrick Harris. As a member of the TV audience, I thought he did a great job. Ellen deGeneres did a good job last year and it was kind of fun, but something about this year was, kind of awesome. Ten times better than Seth MacFarlane. Now, I don’t hate Seth MacFarlane, his comedy is not my cup of tea so he pushed the limits of my tolerance only because to me, the Oscars should be a classy event. Anyway, we’re on Harris’ performance, which–I’ll say it again–was kind of awesome. He was funny and just snarky enough without being condescending or mean. And the opening was one of the best opening segments I’ve ever seen. I mean, dancing Storm Troopers?! YES! It was totally awesome and I hope I can YouTube it to watch it again.

I love the theme they went with this year. It seemed they really played towards a movie theme this year. The music interludes seem to be snippets of soundtracks and need I bring up that opening segment again? It just seem to set the mood that the film industry will be honored. And there seemed to be a focus on more of the behind-the-scenes crew than usual, which is awesome.

Overall, it was a good night, I think. Some of the winners I don’t think I’ll ever watch, but The Grand Budapest Hotel is going on my TBW list since they took home a lot of Oscars tonight and I’m curious to see The Imitation Game is on my list since it won for the Best Adaptive Screenplay. And I can’t believe the winner for Best Visual Effects is one I didn’t see this past year, Interstellar, and mind you it was nominated along with Captain America: Winter SoliderGuardians of the Galaxy, XMen: Days of Future Past, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. So Interstellar is on my list.

Good job, Neil Patrick harris. Not that you needed validation or anything, but you did a good job. Thank you for a fun evening! And Thank You, Hollywood, for providing such wonderful entertainment!


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