TV 411: Gilmore Girls, Season 5

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So, I had a whole post in mind for today. I had a general outline of what I wanted to talk about.

And then life happened.

And then plans changed.

Do I really need a spoiler alert? The show’s been off air for over five years. It can’t still be a spoiler, can it?

Gilmore Girls: Season 5

Recap: In this season we see the return of Dean, the end of Dean, the entrance of Logan. We cheer on Lorelai and Luke, get mad at Lorelai and Luke, get mad at Christopher and Emily (but can’t help but wonder if Christopher can’t just get his act together), and then go back to cheering on Lorelai and Luke. We see the Emily and Richard separation, the reunion, the second honeymoon. And we see the Lorelai and Lorelai break-up … oh, and Norman Mailer!

As I mentioned earlier, I had a plan. And then life happened. New plan.

Gilmore Girls.

I just had to talk this season through because I’ve never met Logan until now. Well, that’s not true. I saw a little of him a few years ago. A few minutes of one episode, but that’s it. I didn’t get to know him. And you know what, I like him. As of Season 5, I like him. I know he’s not always the “good” guy, but then again I think Rory needs a little bit of this. I think she it’s good for a little bad to happen to her because that’s life. You know? She’s always been the perfect student, the perfect daughter, the perfect … okay, not perfect, but you know what I mean. She needs to see a little bit of this side, I think. And Logan seems to really care about her, as of Season 5. And I was a huge Jesse fan, still am in fact, but … I don’t know. After this season I’m on the fence about that one. I mean, with Dean he did pretty much whatever Rory wanted. There wasn’t really a push and pull. There wasn’t really a balance. With Jesse, he pushed her a little. Forced her to look at a little bigger picture, but he wasn’t confident in himself. He was too broody for her. And if he can’t figure out himself, how can he be there for Rory? With Logan … it’s almost as if he’s a combination of Dean and Jesse, but he’s himself. You know? Does that make sense? He’s a bit more confident that Jesse and not an eager-to-please like Dean. Yeah, I think he’s good for Rory, in a way. As of Season 5.


And then there’s Luke and Lorelai. I mean, Luke and Lorelai! Tell me you weren’t rooting for them since the Pilot. And we get to see them happy! But seriously, I was a bit irritated with the way Christopher made his move, because if I’m being honest, I’m silently cheering for Lorelai and Christopher too. Look, I know he has the worse timing ever, but I really believe he loves Lorelai and vice versa. Always will. Now, I don’t really know if they’re good together, but I’d like to see them have their moment, you know? (and since I’m a big fan of spoilers, I did read through the episode guides of Season 6 and 7, so I’ know they do) But if Luke and Lorelai stay together, I’m good with that too.

And then there’s Emily and Richard.

You know, I can’t believe I’m still in love with this show this far in. Okay, that’s not true, because I still can’t believe I’m in love with Supernatural 10 seasons in. When a show is good, it’s good, you know? But I’m surprised that … I don’t know. Maybe I’m just glad I’m still interested in this show because it would suck if I wasn’t. It’s the dialogue. The wit. Okay, wait. I was on Emily and Richard.

So, then there’s Emily and Richard.

I love them. I really do. They’re good for each other, together. They just work. And I’m glad they mended fences.

Gosh, everything about this season was … wow. I love that Lane and Zach got together (though I do miss David. Too bad about California, and school, and all that jazz). I love that she’s rocking out with her band, til this day. I love that Sookie and Jackson color the show. And Paris! I’m so glad they kept Paris. She’s good for Rory as well. I hope they remain friends-ish.

The writers know just when to station these side stories to keep things interesting. It’s so much fun to watch the show work it’s magic. I mean, they shift gears before you get bored of the story, you know? Some shows tend to do that just a tad too late. You’re already starting to feel boredom set in. With Gilmore Girls, that doesn’t happen. Not that I can think of anyway. I mean, I can’t really think of a point in the entire five seasons when I thought “Oh, gosh, why are we still on this? Move it along.” It’s an steady jog and I love it.

So, I had a plan. And then life happened.

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