Wise Words: Someday, it’ll make sense …

01af14a52284266b8f4ec5b00830efa3I keep this quote, or something very similar, in the back of my mind everyday. I’m a religious person so I believe there is a purpose to everything, but even if I wasn’t I think this would still apply.

And this quote is renewed every time I hear survivor stories. In the aftermath of something tragic, come the survivor stories of near-misses. The man who wasn’t in the World Trade Center because it was his turn to buy donuts. Or the mother who didn’t wake up on time because her alarm clock wasn’t plugged in. And sometimes, I hear of stories that aren’t linked to tragedy. The woman who stopped at a store that she rarely goes to and meets the love of her life.

So, take comfort in the thought that someday, things will make sense.


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