Movie 411: Hercules (2014)

Spoiler Alert: There are spoilers.

Directed by: Brett Ratner
Screenplay by:

Ryan Condal and Evan Spiliotopolis
Comic written by Steve Moore (Radical Comics)
Rated: PG-13
Release Date: July 25, 2014

So, for those of you who missed the most recent Hercules story, this one stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. And this story line is based on the comic by Steve Moore. Just so we’re on the same page.

Plot: Usually I outline the plot, but really, it’s a Hercules movie so … yeah, it’s basically stories based on the demigod. And I know I’m downplaying the plot a bit, but … okay, okay. I’ll outline it.

It follows the story of Hercules, more or less. The difference is, *and here’s the spoiler so turn back if you still wish* he travels with a group of people and not a lone solider. He travels with his nephew, his childhood/best friend, a great seer, an Amazon warrior, and … the beast. That’s the best way I can describe him. The beast is really man (if you didn’t know) but he doesn’t speak and he’s almost savage, save his regard towards his companions–especially Hercules. This crew has traveled with Hercules through his many adventures through out the years. And Hercules has suffered a dark past, the murder of his family that he’s accused of committing. Yeah, it’s … wow. Anyway, a king has requested his services, by way of his daughter (hint, hint – love interest 😉 ) and it’s not all that it’s made out to be.

As we know, Dwayne Johnson is our main man and he does an excellent Hercules. It’s a role he’s familiar with and as much as I want to say I get bored of him in these types of roles, that may only be partially true. He just does a good job and, well, he’s typecasted if you ask me. Other actors we see that are familiar to us are Ian Shane (he has a very long list of roles that we’ve seen him in, but he’s recently known as Blackbeard in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise) who played the seer Amphiaraus, John Hurt (he’s that guy you see every now and then and go “gosh, what movie did he star in? But he’s Ollivander in the Harry Potter franchise) who plays the evil *coughs* Lord Cotys, Reece Ritchie (Bis–the best friend, in Prince of Persia: Sands of Time) who plays the nephew Iolaus, and a few others. They all do a good job. They each added depth, humor, and good times to the story. It kind of offset the huge vibes we get from Johnson. It’s a nice balance.

The graphics and camera shots were decent. They flowed. I liked it. Especially the graphics during the end credits. I love how they shot that. And the fact that it seems to be “comic” style depictions of how these stories of Hercules really went down, if you know what I mean. Well done.

But what I absolutely loved about it was the story line and how they played out the myth of Hercules, which was … he really isn’t a demigod. Just an ordinary guy who became and extraordinary “god” through his heroic-like deeds. Example, the hydra was really men in suits trying to scare the people for food and such. Or like what we believe to be Centaurs are really just horsemen who places protective covering over the horses neck (something like that). It’s the basis of what I’ve always said, time and again. That behind every fictional story there’s an inkling of truth. This movie does that. And I love them for it. Hercules is an ordinary man who grew into a legend, so much so he became a demigod in the eyes of the people. And his merry crew of companions never thought to correct it for it struck fear in others and actually fed it, played it for what it’s worth, and lived by it. It’s awesome stuff.

Overall, I like this movie. Overall, I’m definitely adding it to my library. And I think I’d go for the Blu-ray version too. The overall graphics were nicely done and I think it’s worth it to see it in high def.

Favorite Scene:
When they’re trying to train Lord Coytus’ soldiers, who are really just farmers and peasants, to fight their enemy and the farmers start questioning the validity of the weapons and shields having mystic powers because they’ve come from Hercules. Iolaus does such a good job of “giving the truth scope” (what movie? Quick … ah, A Knights Tale).

Favorite Character:
Iolaus, the storyteller of course.

2 thoughts on “Movie 411: Hercules (2014)

  1. InfoJunkie

    I didn’t expect that twist to the story, that he wasn’t *really* a demigod. I can see how it may have disappointed some, especially since we haven’t really seen a good live action Hercules movie … which I hope is still around the corner, somewhere, with it actually focusing on the demigod angle, like with Perceus in Clash of the Titans.

  2. newguy87

    nice review, i personally felt disappointed with this film, mainly because it takes away the myth side of Hercules which is the main reason people really like him, it felt like they just used a name from legend and put him in a standard scorpion king style film


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