Random 411: Allergies suck!


This is the second Saturday evening in a row that allergies hit me hard core. I’ve been sneezing for the most part of the evening. My eyes are itchy, my ribs are sore, and my nose hurts.

Ugh! Allergies suck.

I can’t do anything. Whatever I do is interrupted by a sneezing fit (typically about three to four sneezes in a row, a pause, then at least two more sneezes). Not to mention how drained I feel because of all the sneezing. I’ve saved this entry at least twice now, between fits and I’ve only got this far because I can type pretty fast.


Benadryl will work wonders for me, but it’ll knock me out. Other allergy meds don’t really work, only mutes the symptoms. And the one medicine that works wonders will cost me at $25 for a small bottle because there’s no generic brand.

Well, do you at least know what you’re allergic to?

I do. I did a scratch test a few years back and get this … dust. I’m really allergic to dust. Right after the pin pricked me, the spot turned red and a small hive-like bump formed. It was this day I learned there were two types of dust mites and I’m highly allergic to both.


Things could be worst though so I’m just going to suck it up or now. Up side, it’s my blog and I have every right to vent it out a little πŸ˜‰ . Random, I know, be there you have it.

Hope you all are having a better night than I am at the moment.

Be well!


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