Educational Pursuits: Language Learning

So …

Last fall I had some left over school funds and decided to spend it on Rosetta Stone’s Italian. I’ve always wanted to learn a language and after trying to grab the free stuff from the library, some other small fee materials (the ones that cost around $25-$50), and then asking around and researching other language learning outlets, many people recommended Rosetta Stone, if I have the money. So, I took the plunge.

Anyway, this post isn’t a shameless plug for Rosetta Stone, but if you happen to have the money or want to invest in a good program this is it. The retention I had using this program paid off in the first lesson. I mean, wow. It was amazing. However, like I was saying, this isn’t a plug for Rosetta Stone, this post is about language learning.

If you’re on the fence as to whether or not learning a language is worth it, it is. So do it. I’m only on the basic level yet (I know, I kind of tapered off with my studies once the holiday rolled around and decided last week that I was going to make it a habit to log in daily to practice) and I can’t explain why I’m finding that learning another language helps me with daily stuff, but it does. Whether it’s because I’m tapping into a different part of my mind or if it’s because I’m more aware of sounds and pronunciations, but I’m finding daily life just a little interesting. Not to mention I’m secretly whispering my Italian and/or Irish vocabulary words through out the day. Not sure if it’s doing me any good, but it’s a habit that’s developed.

There is one thing I’d recommend if you are deciding to start a new language. Visit Benny Lewis’ webpage. He’s an Irish Polygot and he has a lot of good tips about learning another language. I recently found his website and his information, not to mention I downloaded his book on my Kindle because I’m a curious soul. He has great tips about this kind of adventure. I’m not a premium member, just so you know. I just receive his newsletters and I’m reading his book. That’s it. But from what I’ve read so far, he builds a good foundation for anyone who’s interested in learning and I wish I found his book when I was first researching.

I’m not sure if it was Benny or another language learning resource, but I’ve set goals at their advice. So here goes:

  1. It is my intention to learn Italian and Irish enough for me to hold a simple conversation with someone who speaks that language.
  2. I want to be able to order food in those respective languages.
  3. I want to learn some of their culture and their history (I know that’s not really a speaking goal, but I associate culture and history with language).

So, I hope I can keep it up. I’ve been at it for a week straight (except for last night where Iw was just too tired).

Wish me luck!

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