Movie 411: Movie series and stuff

Well, I’ve done a Top 5 list for Chick Flicks, here, and I’ve done a Top 5 for Action Flicks, here, and I think it’s about time for another list of things. Let’s go with movie series.

I think I better define series. So, to me a movie series is when the franchise has two or more movies that centers around that character or storyline. Bad Boys and Bad Boys II would be considered a movie series just as much as all the Harry Potter movies would be considered a movie series.

With those parameters set, let’s do this.

1) The Hobbit series – Yes, I choose this franchise over The Lord of the Rings. Don’t be hating! I enjoy this over Lord of the Rings because … I’m not quite sure. I can’t really put my finger on it. Anyway, I enjoy this series because it has a little bit of everything. And no matter what, I can’t shake that whole action sequence where they’re bobbing along the rapids fighting orcs with the help of the elves. Oh, and that last battle scene when the dwarfs regroup to fight off those underground worm thingies and the elves end up fighting alongside them. Epic!

2) The Harry Potter series – Yes, I just had to put this one here. Come on, they were all epic! And yes, I was a huge fan of the book series before the movies made them uber popular, but I thought the movies were done nicely for an adaptation. Yes, they did cut out a lot of awesome parts, but that’s to be expected and the parts they did keep, rocks.

3) The National Treasure series – Oh, boy do I love this series. What conspiracy theorist hasn’t entertained the Free Masons hiding their treasure in plain sight? I mean, really. It speaks to the action geek in me as well as the history geek in me. Not to mention it touches on American History, which is one of my favorite categories of history to study.

4) The Die Hard/Jack Ryan series – And what kind of action geek would I be if this wasn’t on my list? And yes, the Die Hard series and the Jack Ryan series, starting with Patriot Games (only because I haven’t seen Hunt for Red October yet), shares this spot. I’m sorry, I go back and forth between the two series as my favorite action franchise. Patriot Games I’ve watched while I was still in high school and loved the suspense behind it. Die Hard came around when I was a little older, but it still rocks. And the fact that they did one on computer hacking is so awesome!

5) Gosh, what do I put here. There are so many! Okay … *drum roll* The How to Train Your Dragon series – I love it. The whole franchise. The story. The graphics. The characters. I just had to put in an animation of some sort and CG counts in my book. It’s cartoony enough. But I love Hiccup. I love Night Fury. And the fact that it spotlights vikings? (and I don’t care if it’s accurate or not) Bonus!

Honorable Mentions I just couldn’t leave them unmentioned. They missed the top five by a hairline. I swear!

The Night at the Museum series – Because they rock. That is all.

Back to the Future series – Great scott! Come one, you’ve got time travel. How can you possibly say no?


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