TV Addict 411: Psych, you will be missed …

*deep sighs*

I have been watching Sean and Gus ever since their debut on USA in 2006. I remember it clearly because Monk was my favorite show at the time and USA had brilliant cross-over promos of Psych and Monk. And I remember I couldn’t wait to watch it. And I remember thinking they should do a cross-over episode with Monk almost outting Sean.

But, the sun has set on this wonderful show. I am only now watching their final season through Netflix because, well, only now Netflix has loaded it. I missed watching their “per episode” on Hulu while in season because of other commitments (or was it because they didn’t do a “per episode,” I can’t remember. Regardless, though, I wasn’t able to watch it when it was on air and as usual I was totally bummed not being able to live through it “in the moment” 😛 , but …). And I’m having a blast! Like I always do while watching one of my favorite on-screen duos of all time.

I will miss them.

It has been a fun seven years.

And I may, or may not, post a final series farewell when I finish the season, but for now, I’ll live in the remaining episodes and enjoy it while I can.

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4 thoughts on “TV Addict 411: Psych, you will be missed …

  1. InfoJunkie

    I think that’s what appeals to me, the comedy of it. With so much crime drama on main television, it was fun. And I think you’re right, Shawn will never grow up, lol.

  2. newguy87

    Loved this show, in the UK we have only just got season 8 but luckily for me i have seen it. this show like Monk was how you make a fun comedy cop show. i don’t think Shawn will ever grow up though

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