Movie 411: The Librarian, Quest of the Spear

Directed by: Peter Winther
Screenplay: David Titcher
Rated: Not Rated (TV Movie)
Released: December 5, 2014

I remember watching this once, when it debuted on television in 2004. I remember enjoying the story line, thinking it was pretty awesome for it to showcase a librarian as a keeper of magical artifacts and such because, well, I love the library. It’s that same sense you get watching Night at the Museum, “I totally knew there was more to being a librarian!”

Anyway, I missed the second and third movies. I can’t remember why I never got around to watching them, but it’s probably because I never really had time to watch TV, working two jobs–one day and one night. But I thought it was pretty cool that they continued the franchise.

And then I hear they’re spinning it into a TV series. Say what?! And of course it appeals to me just a little more now since I work in a library.

So in preparation to watch the series, I decided to revisit the movie. Refresh my memory by going back to the source, back to where it all started: The Librarian, Quest of the Spear.

Plot: Flynn Carsen is a professional student. At thirty something years old, he’s studying for his fourth degree with his classmates who are putting together an Egyptian pyramid exhibit to showcase in a library. His professor pretty much tells him he needs to get a life and signs off on his degree with the university’s blessing. Flynn, not knowing what else to do because he really loves learning (gosh, I can relate. I once wrote in my journal if I could just make a living as a student, I would), tries to find a *gasps!* job! Meanwhile, his mom is trying to hook him up with a girlfriend.

Flynn looks through his mail to discover an invitation that magically appears on blank letterhead, inviting him to apply for a position as a librarian. Taking a chance, he decides to try for it only to find a long line of other applicants. Long story short, he gets it and finds out it’s more than just dewey decimal systems and checking in books. The librarian is actually the guardian of all knowledge which includes magical ancient artifacts that include Pandora’s box and Excalibur!  (I remember watching this thinking “Hey, this is kind of like Warehouse 13” but then again, I think I watched the pilot episode of Warehouse 13 thinking “Hey, this is kind of like the Librarian.” Funny how that works)

Well, first day on the job, an ancient organization steals an artifact from the library and then the fun begins because this librarian has to go retrieve it.

Story? Awesome. I know it’s pretty predictable, but I have to admit it’s a pretty good story. And I know it’s been done, but I thought the story line was enough to keep me interested. Not to mention fun. At least, I thought it was fun. I mean, Flynn gets to hop on the plane to head to places like Shangri Lang and the Amazon and stuff while trying to decipher an ancient book with an ancient language so he can find the spear. I mean, really, it speaks of geek and well, I’m a geek. And it’s a made-for-TV movie so I have to admit, it’s a tad bit slow in some parts, but it’s not unbearable.

Acting? Not bad. Noah Wyle does a pretty good job as our hero and librarian, Flynn Case. He’s equal parts geek and comic. Sonya Walger plays the trusted sidekick and of course Flynn’s muscle, Nicole Noone. Appearances by Bob Newhart (Judson) and Kelly Hu (Lana, evil sidekick) was good to see. I forgot Kelly Hu was in this one and I can’t miss an opportunity to root for a local gal.

Graphics? Not bad. It’s obvious it’s “TV graphics” but it’s not too shabby. It’s that overdramatic type of feel, but it works for TV.

It’s part of my digital library, standard definition, so I think it’s worthy enough to watch a few times (which is why I added to my collection). It’s worthy a look-see, if only once. I’m interested to see how this will play out as a series though. I know there’s a lot of material they can cover, but after Warehouse 13 I hope I don’t get bored with it, you know? I’m gonna miss that show so it’ll be nice to see if The Librarians can pick up where they left off.


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