Random 411: Doctor’s visits, medical things, and stuff

Well, if you’ve read the post I wrote last night, you’ll see it was done one-handed (with a bunch of mistakes–more than usual I might add) because of a cut on my wrist.

It’s still there.

It still hurts.

But not as much as it did last night.

My goodness that was tough one! I had to put my homework aside because I couldn’t type.

Tonight, is different.

Why? Because I’m stock piled with antibiotics, that’s why. A booster shot in the doctor’s office. Then an oral antibiotic, twice daily. Yep, yep. And no it’s not making me loopy or delusional or high (so you put those thoughts out of your head!). It’s doing what it’s supposed to do, I guess, and not make it hurt so much. And hopefully, it’ll cause the wound to heal.

And that’s why doctors exist. Why did you take so long?

Ugh, don’t go there! Even though the cut happened on Saturday, the pain didn’t start until Tuesday, thank you very much, and I’m not one to go to the doctor at the first sight of a medical problem. Call me stubborn or idiotic, but I feel if you’re not in excruciating pain, wait for a bit. Not to mention it’s so darned costly to go to the doctor’s office now days.  So, when a medical problem arises and it’s not immediately life-threatening, I try to wait it out. I use essential oils for some problems and of course the good ole chicken noodle soup for others. If I have a fever and it doesn’t break in a day or two, I get a little concerned. But over all, I’m stubborn 😛 .

And it’s not because I’m scared or don’t trust doctors or anything like that. I just feel that sometimes the body just needs a moment to try and heal itself.

And know that it took me 40 minutes to drive to the doctor’s office because the doctors in my vicinity were swamped with patients so I had to go into the Business District. If that isn’t a pain in the butt! But, when I got there I waited less than 15 minutes (so, kudos for that) for the nurse to see me and then about another 20 minutes until the doctor saw me and then another 20 minutes to get out of there. A stop at the pharmacy and I just wanted to call it a day. A long day. But a Friday. And a three day weekend at that.

So, cheers to the doctors, medical things, and whole bunch of stuff that gets you through the day!


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