Movie 411: Night at the Museum, Secret of the Tomb

Spoiler Alert: There are probably spoilers.

Directed by: Shawn Levy
Screenplay: David Guion & Michael Handelman
Story by: Mark Friedman, David Guion, & Michael Handelman
Characters written by: Thomas Lennon & Robert Ben Grant
Rated: PG
Released: December 19, 2014

Plot Summary: On the night Larry and the exhibits that we’ve come to know and love is supposed to put on a grand show to introduce the museum’s latest exhibit, things go awry. It seems as if something comes over the exhibits causing them to go a bit crazy in front the public. The tablet is starting to die. In a quest to try to fix this, or at the very least figure out what’s going wrong, Larry has to travel to London and meet Ahkmenrah’s parents. And let the games begin.

I love this franchise. Let me just start by saying that. This franchise took an idea just about every child has and made it come to life on the real screen. It’s a cool concept. Very cool concept. However, we’ve seen it done with the first one and the second one so the biggest challenge for this one was how to still keep things interesting. Did they succeed?

I’d say they did, but it did wane just a bit. I think they peaked in Battle of the Smithsonian, but that’s not to say that Secret of the Tomb, wasn’t any good. It just wasn’t as … exciting? … as the first two.

What I love about Secret of the Tomb, was that we got to see the backstory of the tablet. Regrettably, I also think that was what dampened the thrill as well. Anyway, I always enjoy a backstory, most times. And this one was no different. It was nice to see Ceicil and the older guards from the first movie play a small role in this one. I liked the legend behind the tablet as well. And yes, I loved that they traveled to London for this one. All of the above.

It was the same feel as the first two movies as well. The main characters were still strong and still had their respective charms. I did like the new characters as well, such as Ahkmenrah’s parents and Lancelot. Jedediah and Octavius will always be my favorites though. I loved that they included a Pompei exhibit! In addition to the characters staying true to their roles, the mix of comedy and drama continues to balance in this film.

The cast is great as always. Dan Stevens (Lancelot) did a good job. And I loved seeing the Rebel Wilson (Tilly, the guard). She will always be the “alley girl” in Ghostrider though. And it wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t mention Robin Williams. It was a bit sad to watch Teddy, knowing Robin wasn’t feeling his best self, but Robin Williams did an excellent job, as always. And, as mentioned above, Owen and Steve will always be my favorites.

Graphics and musical score was good as well. Nothing extravagant or over the top, but nicely done. I really enjoyed the stone serpent/dragon scene through the Chinese Temple.

So, all that was okay.

Why the wane comment? As mentioned, I think the backstory brought it down a little. In the timeline we went from seeing the tablet bring life, then challenged by Ahkmenrah’s cousin, and then the reunion with the parents. I don’t know if my mind can wrap my head around it, which may be why I think it lost it’s shine a tad bit. Maybe it’s because they’ve made one too many? But I’m not completely sure why that would be. I wouldn’t mind seeing another movie, if they can do it right. I wasn’t bored, but I wasn’t “wowed” either. And I don’t know if I like how they ended this franchise, even if it was a good ending. (I know I’m not making any sense. Id on’t have mixed feelings or anything, I just know that there was some good with a hint of bad)

That said, though, I did enjoy it and I do think I’d watch it a handful of times so … it’s definitely going in my collection. I don’t know if I’d like it on Blu-ray though. It wasn’t visually appealing, even if the graphics were well done. DVD or digital formats for sure though.

Favorite Scene:
Pompei! That is all.


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