Life 411: The Intro Post


Every semester’s first week has the “Intro Post.” It’s a requirement to do because if you miss posting the intro post, you’re automatically dropped from the class.

Last semester I found out I don’t really like the Intro post.

Don’t get me wrong, I love reading my fellow classmates’ intro posts and getting to know them. I just don’t like writing mine.

That’s absurd! You post daily, you love writing. How can you not enjoy writing a 250-word post?

Completely understand. I just don’t like writing about myself. It’s like “Hi, I’m InfoJunkie … blah, blah, blah.” I think a part of it is because I’m a pretty boring person. I read, I write, I watch TV & movies. I do some cross-stitching here and there, big fan of genealogy and history. Love letter-writing. The end. Boring!

Most of my classmates are military, they’ve traveled, and are much younger than I am. Not to mention, since most are military, they have interesting jobs like something-something analyst or cryptography. Can you see my dilemma? Another part of it is because I don’t like the attention. I love writing about other subjects, but when the focus is on me … shudders.


I know right?! But you know what? This semester, for some odd reason, was different. I still felt a little nerve-wracking writing about me, but it wasn’t as bad as it’s been in the past. I got replies. Like decent replies. And decent questions.

Suddenly, I didn’t feel so bad answering their questions.

So, I’m getting better at it and hopefully, one day soon, I’ll make peace with it.

And so the semester begins. Western Civilization post-30 yrs war … here I come.


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