Random 411: In the middle of the night …

*sings* … I go walking in my sleep. (And have you ever heard this song? By Billy Joel. I haven’t heard this song in ages, but I remember hearing this song on the radio and enjoying the beat. Ok, I’m going to search for it since it’s popped into my mind this evening)

Sorry, couldn’t resist. But seriously, about fifteen minutes ago, out of the blue, I open my eyes from a dead sleep, and now I’m wide awake. Just like that. I don’t believe it.

How does that happen? Does your body just go “ok, recharged. Let’s go?” and bam, you wake?

And while I’m just a little mystified as to the reason I’m wide awake at 2:48 in the morning (I mean, I yawned once since I’ve been up, but I don’t even feel tired, *shakes my head*) it has given me some time to comb through my WordPress reader to catch up on some of the blog posts I follow.

And nothing speaks to an information junkie than being able to catch up on the world when everyone else is fast asleep πŸ˜‰ .

So, while I wait for the next train to Dreamland, let me occupy the time catching up with my fellow bloggers.


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