TV Junkie 411: OUAT, Heroes and Villains

Spoiler Alert: There are probably spoilers.

Ok, so I talked about the Frozen story arch here (S4x9 – “Smash the Mirror”) and it did take a couple more episodes for it to reach an end. Ok, it took more than a couple of episodes. Well, three more to be exact and I’m not sure if it’s completely done. I mean, in S4x12 – “Heroes & Villains” Elsa, Anna, and Kristoph are heading back to Arendelle because Hans and his brothers took over the kingdom, but then we see Anna finally “walking down the isle” though we never really see her reach the alter. I’m not sure if the the creators will let the storyline end there. I mean, an ending could be implied, but it could not be. We’ll just have to see. Frankly, I hope it ends there. Returning to it may just be borderline overkill.

But …

I love the new story arch episode 12 properly introduces (It’s about time if you ask me!). The game is rigged; villains always loose. It’s such a good plot line! Now, you can’t have a good hero without a good villain, at least in my humble opinion, so I’m interested to see where this goes. I mean, if villains get their happy endings, what will be the conflict? The tension? Why tell the story if there’s nothing you’re fighting for? I’m so curious.

And despite the disappointment some fans feel with the introduction of Cruella DeVille, I find it interesting. I know she’s not an “old” fairy tale, but I’m interested in seeing how she’s group together with Maleficent and Ursula. And we saw a bit of Ursula in a previous season … was it season two or three? I think it was two. I’m not sure how and if that will fit in with each other, but I’m I think the writers are going in a good direction. I like where the series is going. Also, would Hook be considered a villain? I think so. So does this mean he has to fight for a happy ending?

So many directions. So many possibilities.

Can’t wait for the return!

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