Biblio 411: Dead of Winter (Arcana Chronicles #3) by Kresley Cole

Genres: fantasy

Yep. I finished it. My heart is still racing, still aching, and I still feel like shouting to the moon.

Yep. It was that kind of book.


The story picks up a few days after the ending of Endless Knight (which I reviewed here) and it’s right in the middle of an action scene. Evie is riding towards her alliance to save Jack from being tortured by the Lovers. And from then on, it’s a page-turner.

Cole has done a superb job weaving this story, in my humble opinion. The heightened emotions from the last two books continue in this one, without missing a beat. I almost want to say more even because … wow, I don’t want to give anything away, but really, if a roller coaster could be turned into words, this book would be that roller coaster. We all know that Evie is torn between Jack and Aric, but it’s heightened tenfold in this book. Not only that, we’ll see new characters and discover more Arcana secrets. I mean, there’s no other way to describe it than it being a page-turner.

And can I say I love how Cole paints a scene. She’s descriptive yet precise. I know some scenes can get too descriptive where the narrative drones on in detail and then there’s some that’s way too short. Cole gets it right which I appreciate since her stories are action packed. I don’t have time read a long winded description of tortured feelings 😉 , not when I want to know what caused him to think that way in the first place.

And that ending! My goodness, that ending! I can’t believe that today was the book release because now I have to wait that much longer for the next book. Gosh, one of the main reasons I don’t like reading a series that isn’t finished. Is it worth the wait? I’m not sure. I’m impatient. And as book series’ releases go, it’s generally around a year’s wait for the next one, if we’re lucky. It’s going to drive me crazy! It already is.

Anyway, it’s a really good series and it’s added to my ebooks (because I couldn’t wait for Amazon to ship the next book to me) and since I’m in Hawaii, Amazon usually releases the book EST so it loads on my Kindle around 7 p.m. Love it!

Well played, Kresley Cole. Well played. And I can’t wait for the next one. Please, please, please, don’t take too long.


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