Biblio 411: First book of the new year …

Genres: fantasy

… and I’m so excited!


I just started it so this isn’t a review, but since I’m so excited I just had to blog that I have it in my possession.

Dead of Winter, Arcana Chronicles #3 was loaded on to my kindle at 8p and I’m on Chapter 7. And I can’t put this down.

Kresley Cole writing continues to ensnare and creates a great story. I haven’t read anything else of hers besides this series, but I just might check out some of her other works.

And the good news? This isn’t the last book of the series. The bad news? This isn’t the last book of the series. This means there’s going to be another doozy of a cliffhanger, sighs.

Anyway, I reviewed the other two books here: Poison Princess & Endless Knight and watch for my review on this one.

Happy Reading!


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