Random 411: 2015 Resolutions and stuff

You can’t have a new year without thinking about goals. And while thinking about this post I decided to see if I did something similar for 2014. I was sure I did and you know what? I did! In my 2014 Resolution post I mentioned three goals: 1) to post at least three times a week, 2) to get my views up to ten a day, and 3) to get my visits up to five a day.

Now, I didn’t succeed with the daily goal, but as of December 31st I had posted daily for 61 days straight, my views on that day reached 17, and my visits on that day reached 15. And in the month of December 2014, my blog received 388 views and 326 visits. I’d say I was able to accomplish those goals.

So what about 2015?

Well, I came across something interesting today. One of my favorite authors, Deborah Harkness (All Souls Trilogy), posted this on her Facebook page:

In general I don’t like resolution–I prefer intentions, wishes, and dreams!

What a great perspective!

According to the dictionary, resolution means  the act of finding an answer or a solution to a conflict, problem, etc. and I don’t know if I like that perspective. You start off your new year about thinking about problems or conflicts you have and then find an answer to it. So, I like thinking of new years intentions, wishes, and dreams instead.

So, what are my intentions, wishes, and dreams for this new year?

1) Keep posting daily – because it’s fun! As hard as I thought it was before, I’m having tons of fun posting daily. It helps me to clear my mind or at least gives my mind something to occupy its free time with.

2) Organize my Literature Portfolio

3) Organize my Writing Portfolio

4) Learn Italian (or at least reach Level 3 by April)

5) Learn Irish (to reach level 3 by August)

And I know I mentioned in one of my earlier posts that I wanted to write better. Well, that’s too broad wish. I need to think about action steps so … yeah, writing better is in the back of my mind, but I think it’s going to take me a little bit more to figure out how to measure this goal into steps and figure out how to keep track of progress, you know?

Anyway, do you have any specific intentions or wishes? I’d love to hear them.


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