TV Junkie 411: Marco Polo, Netflix Original - Archived

11651784Okay, so … Marco Polo … have you seen the trailer for this new Netflix original?! Wow! And if you haven’t, see the end of this post or if you can’t wait that long, here.

I’m excited to see the premiere. One, I’m a history buff. And why does that matter? Well, it’s based on a historical figure. Who met Kublai Khan! I mean, seriously, how is that not awesome for a history buff? So, we have history. We have TV? Need I go further? Besides, White Collar is in its final season. I had to say good-bye to both Psych and Warehouse 13. And the season before that it was Eureka. Yep, I’m on the hunt for a few new shows. 

Anyway, I’m excited and a bit nervous. Why? Well, it’s because it’s a TV series. You never know where you stand with TV, especially in the first season. Will it get enough ratings to stay in production? Can they stretch the story lines or create an intriguing story arch? Will it be any good? I always get nervous during the first season.

Take The Secret Circle for an example … okay, you know what? Another time. Let me get back into focus here. 

I guess there’s a benefit that it’s a Netflix Original, right? I’m not quite sure how Netflix does TV, but hopefully it’ll succeed. 

So … Marco Polo. I know none of the cast, which is a bit exciting. We get to meet new people, see new faces. So curious. Lorenzo Richelmy will be playing Marco and I’m interested to see how Marco, the character itself, will develop. Series writing credits goes to John Fusco and I’m interested in seeing his work. Seems like the season is 10 episodes in and ready to premiere December 12th. 

I hope it’s a good one. It looks like a good one.