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So, I decided to do this list in answer to my action flicks post > Movie 411: Action flicks and stuff. I figure, action last month so let’s do the opposite this month, and since I don’t do horror … yep.

I’m not totally opposed to chick flicks like romantic comedies/dramas/etc., I am a girl after all. It’s not my go to genre, I’ll tell you that, but every now and then I like to make sure my life balances out and that’s where chick flicks come into play.

Top 5 Romances? (No particular order. Okay, maybe favorite counting down to 5)

1) When Harry Met Sally – Because it’s awesome! Alright, alright. I know I’ve got to be more specific. I really like the chemistry between Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal in this one. And I like the fact that this wasn’t a flash romance. You know? It wasn’t a “we met at a restaurant one night and I knew he was the one for me.” It took place over years. Years! And they didn’t even particularly like each other in the beginning. I love it!

2) While You Were Sleeping – Because it’s totally awesome! Okay, I’ll stop now. Sorry. Sandra Bullock. Always love her movies. Okay, most of her movies. What I like about this one was because it was so random. You’re working the subway and some random guy you think is cute happens to get into an accident on your watch and your all of sudden whisked into his world because his family thinks you’re his fiance. Talk about serendipity. And yet, when you’re in his family’s company, you get to know your fake finance and his brother, who seems more your speed. Love it.

3) Sleepless In Seattle – When I watched this as a girl, I couldn’t help but wonder, what were the odds that you meet someone through the radio? And I loved Rosie O’Donnell as Meg Ryan’s best friend. And the whole tribute to An Affair to Remember? Come on, what’s not to love (although, truthfully, I haven’t watched An Affair to Remember, but I know the general story of it and … swoon!).

4) Lake House – Oh my goodness. What’s not to love about this movie? (And that’s a rhetorical question. Don’t you dare answer that!) Love trapped by time? Awesome. And I love Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. I really, really do. And how can you not love the letter-writing? Totally speaks to the letter-writing geek in me.

5) Say Anything – Come one, now. Who can resist that boom-box scene? And if you really can, mad props to you because I can’t. Very swoon-worthy if you ask me. And who doesn’t love a good underdog story? The class-slacker chasing after the valedictorian? Not that it’s popular in real life, but the possibility of it in fiction? Nice.

There are so many more chick flicks out there, but I don’t get bored with these five films.

And I do have some honorable mentions, just because:

Pride and Prejudice – The Kiera Knightly and Matthew MacFaden one, for those of you who needs clarification. Now, I do have some problems with the story itself, but aside from  being picky and such, I love Lizzy. And I love Lizzy and Mr. Darcy.

Sweet Home Alabama – I’m not quite sure why this story stuck with me, but it did. So much so that I added to my library. I guess it’d have to be that line Jake says to Melanie, “Who finds their soulmate at ten years old?” Aw! (and the fact that I’m not really a believer in soulmates is irrelevant when we’re dealing with fiction)

What are some of your favorite chick flicks?

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